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10/02/17 Catherine gave a talk to visitors and staff of Eden in the Gallery on her visit to Western Australia, featuring some of the plants that will be planted in the Med Biome.


08/02/17 Eden on a sunny Spring like day.


08/02/17 Just completed a new rope bridge in the Rainforest Biome opening in a few days time.


08/02/17 The scaffolding will shortly be removed.


08/02/17 Note the Bronze Leaves on the rails, purchased by friends and supporters of Eden to help to raise money to built these walk ways. There's still room for more buy yours now.


08/02/17 You may see a Roul Roul as you travel round the Rainforest.   Harvesting the rubber.


08/02/17 In the Med Biome there's a sweet smell of Hyacinths among other flowers.


08/02/17 Tons of soil being replaced in the Med Biome for the Australian exhibit which should be ready by Easter.  The WEEE man has gone away for a while.  I understand new classrooms will be build here, while the Core is refurbished.  Eden never stands still there's always something new.


28/01/17 Horrible Science’s with Nick Arnold


28/01/17  Question....Do men or women have the most bacteria? Come to Eden and find out.


28/01/17 Nick greeting children and book signing.


21/01/17 Professor Johnson (Craig) in his many disguises with Universarama in the Med Biome


21/01/17 Universarama Newton Puppet and know your fruity Planets


21/01/17 Universarama in the Med Biome Saturday & Sunday 21st and 22nd January


21/01/17 Home made rocket firing in the Med Biome.  Hover board rides in the Core.


21/01/17 Hover Board rides in the Core. 


14/01/17 Spring is on its way at Eden


14/01/17 Wow weekends in January


14/01/17 What's on at the Wow Weekends


14/01/17 Weather lady from the Met explaining weather.  Ministry of Science team.


14/01/17 Pedal power smoothie and Hair on end balloon static.


14/01/17 This is South West Australia or will be shortly in one corner of the Med Biome.


03/12/16 Christmas tree in the Link building & the Eden Shop (pictures from Carol thank you)


03/12/16 Christmas “trees” in the Med biome


03/12/16  Culdrose Military Wives Choir performed music from their new CD.  It was magical.


The French Onion seller seen here doing his 'ET' Impression (picture found on twitter)


27/11/16 It's The Festival of Hope at Eden.  Here's Julie with Toast Beer made from waste Bread.


27/11/16 I'm here to test drive an Electric Car, not Twizy but Zoe, Enjoyed the drive.


27/11/16 Had a very tasty Sunday lunch in the Bakery, listened to a story in the med Biome.


27/11/16 Back in the Core to listen to some speakers. Fourth Element - Jim Standing on removing Ghost fishing nets and recycling then into clothing. The Myth Gap - Alex Evans, how to get things to happen when dealing with governments.


27/11/16 Eden's very own Tim Smit his talk was to the point and very meaningful. We did hear a lot about rocking horse poo, but went away energised with much to think about.


27/11/16 It was getting dark by the time I left that gave me another chance to see the 'Eden Lights' very nearly as bright as the ones in Lapland.


25/11/16 Super moon rising over the lake in the Rainforest Biome.


25/11/16 UV Displays in the Rainforest Biome


25/11/16 In the Rainforest Biome, the light and dark expedition.


25/11/16 In the Med Biome something completely different.


25/11/16 Quite magical when the band is playing and out of this world when the sound effects take over.  Totally unique and very “Eden” !


It's the Eden Christmas Festival of Light & Sound


The Reindeer in their pen charging up.


25/11/16 The fire pit where you can get a very nice cup of hot chocolate.

Don't miss this years Eden Christmas. Light show happens on selected dates.


 24/11/16 Don't forget to book your visit to Father Christmas


24/11/16 The Eden shop looks ready for Christmas. The Med Biome looks that way too.


24/11/16 All around the site there are small sheds housing powerful lasers


24/11/16 A massive amount of speakers scattered all around.  The control room sited in the Med Biome.  Under the covers lurk more lasers.


24/11/16 Someone doesn't want to miss the show later this evening.


24/11/16 There's a slight urgency to get it all finished by this evening.


24/11/16 It's the preview evening tonight. Open to the public from tomorrow.


17/11/16  It the day of the Macmillan Christmas Fair at Eden.


17/11/16  I tried my luck at Tombola, but better luck with Almond cake also Sticky Ginger Cake from Mrs Gills Country Cakes (just had a piece while putting pictures up on the web)


17/11/16 In the food hall all kinds of goodies for Christmas.


17/11/16 The Fairy lights of preserves, Yummy buns.


17/11/16 A well attended Fair as always




17/11/16 Wendy and Keith's designs were there!


Paul Jackson Ceramics &  ' Ideal Platters'   A great Fair and hope lots of money was raised.


17/11/16 If you came to Eden for the Fair it was a good chance to look round Eden.  Some of the Eden Team (the chilly girls) were hard at work harvisting.


17/11/16 Preparation everywhere for the Christmas Preview evening on the 24th Nov


17/11/16 Ho I nearly got captured by the huffel puff school team as a trophy and taken back to the classroom.   I met an old friend from the past in the Med Biome.


29/10/16 Owls at Eden it's the night of the Little Monsters Ball.


29/10/16 The Bubble Man doing his magic.  Flea Circus in the Dome tent.


22/10/16 Bright crisp day for the start of the Half Term, Ice Rink is ready for action.


22/10/16 In the Big Top (Dome tent) Ring Master training.


22/10/16 Ring Master training done, into the Yurt for pumpkin carving and story telling.


22/10/16 The Yurt tent is where the puppet show, story telling and pumpkin carving takes place.


22/10/16 Before your very eyes a white cloth swirled into the air.


22/10/16 The Bubble Man was amazing to watch.


22/10/16 The Bubble Man had a brilliant show for kids Link:


22/10/16 Eden has a lot to offer this Half Term come along!


22/10/16 In the Dome Tent Norvil & Josephine Illusion & Escapology


12/10/16 Buggy traffic jam in the Med Biome and the reason Andy from CBBC and his Dino Raps


12/10/16 Eden's Marion introduces Andy for a half hour of fun for the little ones plus mum & Dads


12/10/16 Andy had everyone roaring like a dinosaur


12/10/16 Autumn colours begin to show around Eden


12/10/16 In the Core a display of illuminated Eden pictures adorn the walls.


12/10/16 In the core a new sculpture.           Out doors a colourful pumpkin display


12/10/16 All shapes and sizes of pumpkin.  In the hop garden the fragrant smell of hops.


12/10/16  Tea plantation has really grown and small blossoms can be seen.


12/10/16 Eden Team working hard on constructing a level platform that will hold a yurt tent.


12/10/16 Electric vans being used all around Eden.  The Ice Rink is almost ready to go.


09/09/16 Festival of Food in Cornwall held at Eden.  A chance to taste wines with Susy Atkins and cookery demonstrations from top chefs.


09/09/16 Vivek Singh Cooking and book signing after in the Dome tent.


10/09/16 Phil Vickery with a gluten free cooking demo and many stories from the Kitchen.


10/09/16 There were a number of small stall with everything from Vodka to insects for sale.


10/09/16 Bread dipping oils and 96% chocolate.


10/09/16 Cherry Tree Jams and Tarquin's


10/09/16 St Austell ales and lager.  The Brownie Baker.


02/09/16 Kate and William make a surprise visit to Eden. Gordon Seabright & Kate


02/09/16 Kate and William visited the Rainforest Biome and the Med Biome before looking around the Invisible you exhibit in the Core.


02/09/16 In all spent over 2 hours at Eden forget the drizzle it was such a happy day and a total surprise visit as the weather was too foggy to get to The Scilly Isles earler in the day.



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