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Big Build 2

The Education Resource Centre 'The Core'

From the start to the finish of Big Build 2    Latest pictures at the top





19/09/05 The view from 'Jo's' cafe veranda.


19/09/05 The Core surrounded with smoke, and throbbing  with colour erupted in a column of

 white light and fireworks, what a sight to see.


06/09/05 Solar energy generated by the 'Core'  The Core attracted a lot of visitors on a sunny September day.


01/09/05 The vast exhibit hall of the new Education Resource Centre 'The Core' opened it's doors for the first time to the public this morning, this building alone is worth a visit to the Eden Project.  The official full opening, will be on the 19th of September.

Will Jackson  Builder of many of the exhibits in the ERC 'The Core'


15/08/05 Landscaping around the Education Resource Centre Building is just about finished.

 This is an amazing building holds many secrets and all will be revealed at the press launch in early September.


02/07/05 The roof of the Education Resource Centre looking towards the core, an amazing building.




17/06/05 Installation of photovoltaic cells on the ERC's roof.


09/06/05 Visitors watch as more copper is fitted to the Education Resource Centre's roof.


27/05/05 The bridge is being fitted with a roof with reinforcements either end.


04/05/05 The ERC, steady progress with the copper roof. 


27/04/05 Up on the roof of the ERC.                   Staircase inside the ERC      


27/04/05 About half of the roof of the ERC  now has it's copper covering.  A lot of work going

on near East end of the building, this is close to where a 'lift' down the cliff will be built.


7/04/05 Copper prefabrication area next the ERC - sheet copper cut and pre-shaped to fit the

 roof on the new building.


20/04/05 The ERC's progress,  a handy comfy ledge with a view, to take a mobile phone call.




30/03/05  The copper goes into place on the ERC roof.


17/03/05 The first sheets of copper for the roof of the Education Resource Centre are rising up

the ladder and into place.  Once completed it will present a glowing image.


30/03/05 The Education Resource Centre is getting a lot of attention from passing visitors even

 the odd friendly wave or two to the builders as well.


21/02/05 The ERC is on progressing nicely, you can again cross the bridge and get a good view

of the build from the other side. The bridge had been closed to the public for a while.


21/02/05  Constructions views of the ERC, the roof will eventually be covered with copper.


15/02/05 The ERC sits happily in the sun, the first floor being fitted inside as the roof is completed.


06/02/05 The ERC roof will be weatherproof once work is completed.


12/01/05 ERC is progressing nicely and is racing on to completion, opening August 2005 


03/01/05 No workmen on the ERC  today as this is a National Holiday in the UK.


02/12/04 The ERC stands tall like a huge wooden Roman Coliseum, this is some building.


02/12/04 Almost all of the roof parts are now in position on the ERC


26/11/04 ERC roof continues  to grow larger.


26/11/04 This amazing construction is simply called The Education Resource Centre, suggestions

 for a more suitable/descriptive name?


17/11/04 The ERC is progressing at speed, helped again by the fine weather.


10/11/04 The work on the ERC continues at a good speed, helped along by the fine, dry weather conditions.


The ERC roof expands daily


26/10/04 A view from over the bridge of the ERC Big Build 2


25/10/04 Crossing the bridge to view the build of the Education Resource Centre is becoming more poplar as the work progresses.


18/10/04 The ERC roof continuing to grow steadily bigger.


15/10/04 At the ERC the work goes on.  Lunch time construction crew among the piles of roof timbers.


12/10/04 The build up date ERC, a fine day work progresses at good speed.


07/10/04 More wooden beams arrive for the roof of the ERB.


30/09/04                                                       07/10/04


30/09/04 The first wooden beams are fitted.


23/09/04 E.R.C. build update, Lorry loads of steel supports arrives, not unlike those used in the Biomes and the Link Building.


21/09/04 Build update on the Education Resources Centre - over all and ground level view.


9/09/04 The  Education Resources Centre is taking shape quickly and already looking interesting.


18/08/04 The big build 2


18/08/04 Work on the Education Resource Centre is progressing with the top of the lift shaft being dropped into place.  It's well worth putting on the essential safety helmet and yellow jacket and crossing the bridge to get a better look.


30/07/04  Work to date on the ERC, many metres of pipe work are buried underground and

are therefore called "groundtubes", as air is sucked through them it is cooled slightly by the lower

 ground  temperature, hence saving energy that would otherwise be provided by refrigeration plant

Thank you to Martin Jones from SKM Anthony Hunts - Structural/Civil Engineers for the ERC.

 for this information.






25/06/04 Work on the Education Resources Centre to date.


14/06/04 The foundations of the Education Resource Centre go in as Dublin watches.


18/05/04 The build progress is moving on a pace.


06/04/04 Progress on the Education Centre, as the old tarmac road disappears.


Ron Knott's Fibonacci Numbers  all adds up to the design of the roof of the ERC


  24/03/04 The diggers are well and truly at work on the site of the education building.


16/03/04 Now this is some job for an artist, the entire boundary fence around the new building

 works, where the education building is under construction.


06/01/04 Fence being erected on the boundary of the new education building.




25/11/03 The bridge is built and ready to take visitors to view the build.


21/11/03   It's nearly there!!


  21/11/03 You can get some idea of the arched bridge span, hope to be one of the first across on Tuesday.


12/11/03 Bridge that gap, scheduled to open on Saturday is the viewing walk way bridge, there

 seems a lot to be done as yet. I understand that they are working around the clock.


Site clearing.


    Site clearing.


    Clearing the site for the start of the build,  the temporary education buildings need to be relocated.



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