This information is unofficial, but to the best of my knowledge it is correct.

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The Eden Project  have done every thing they can to make Eden wheelchair friendly as possible though please always bear in mind that the full site covers some 35 acres.

Eden have 36 wheelchairs on site available free of charge on a first come first served basis - just ask at the ticket office or ask a guide when you arrive in the Visitor Centre. Eden do not have motorised chairs for hire on site though users can bringing their own motorised vehicles with them.

The visitor centre is well designed for disabled visitors:

There are no stairs or lifts, the Visitor Centre is all on one level.
There is a car park for disabled visitors which is very close to the visitor centre.
The footpath from the car park to the visitor centre is designed at the correct gradient for wheelchair users.
Shuttle from car parks to visitor centre and from visitor centre to biomes.
A helper is free of charge when assisting a disabled person.
There are disabled toilets.



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