Cliff Paintings in the Humid Tropics Biome

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   Paintings in the Humid Tropics Biome, along the top pathway by Eden's water fall.

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Thank you to the Eden Project for the information about these incredible pictures, also for this scan from the friends magazine number 4 so you can see the painters themselves.

Francisco Montes Shunna - The Origin of 'Ayahuasca' and 'Chacruna'

These two plants represent the vision of the 'Aya' (the wise healer) which connects us with the energy of the dead.





Yolanda Penduro

The Spirits of 'Chiric Sanango'

The story of Brunfelsia grandiflora. Plants like people have male and female energies and healers learn from these plants. As we look, the plants on the right represents and teaches the female and the one on the left the male.





Francisco Montes Shunna

Spiritual Purification

These two plants, the 'Canelilla' (also called the herb of the Virgin due to its intensely fragrant flowers) and 'Huambisa Chacruna' are used to cleanse the body spiritually.





Yolanda Panduro

The Spirit of the 'Collita de Gavilan'

Yolanda Panduro Baneo, the artist, saw this spirit after using the leaves of the bromeliad shown here as a compress to heal broken bones in her back.  She is now completely cured.





Francisco Montes Shunna

Winds of the 'Shacapa'

The leaves of this plant are most sacred and used in healing ceremonies to draw impurities from the body.






Francisco Montes Shunna

Birth of the Spirits

(painting was not quite finished when photographed)

On the day when the spirits were born two plants were born and these were: 'Tobaco Bravo', used to purify the air, and 'Campanita del Campo', which makes a sound announcing the birth of the spirits.



Francisco Montes Shunna

Dance of the Spirits

When Fransisco used this plant, 'Huarmi Caspi', this is the vision he received and painted: spirits who have come out of the Earth to see the plants and flowers and dance with joy.  The red flowers are of the passion flower which you can see growing around the painting.








The finished painting

Dance of the Spirits







Yolanda Panduro

The Spirit Woman of the 'Toe'

This tree, the datura, has been used since ancient times by healers.  The flowers are eased with 11 other to make a ceremonial perfume and the leaves are used for divination.  Yolanda has painted the spirit of the woman who visited her when she was working with the plant.



Francisco Montes Shunna

Dance of the Leaves

Here the grandfather trees that the Healers

learn from, 'Huayra Caspi' and Puma

Look out for the spirit of the big cat in the

 'Puma Caspi'.




Yolanda Panduro

The Spirit Woman of 'Ajo Sacha'

The leaves of this plant are taken internally to soothe joint pain.  Yolanda's mother, also a healer, taught her how to work with the spirit of this plant to heal herself.  The leaves are used in baths to cleanse the body.




Francisco Montes Shunna

La Pachamana - Mother Earth

An expression of love of Mother Earth for all her children.  Here represented by the Brown face of the earth. From her head grows:

On the left, the majestic 'Lupuna Blanca' (kapok), associated with the spirit of the old woman standing at it's feet. On the left, the 'Ayahuasca' vine which grows from the head of the great healer who has been buried in the earth by his people.  On the right, 'Supay Caspi', with the young male spirit.

The three plants and the spirits represent the balance of the wisdom of life.




Yolanda Panduro

The Serpent Woman and the Snake Vine.

('Machacuy Huasca')

The Plant is used as an anti-venom, here

depicted with it's spirit.





Francisco Montes Shunna

Paradise Lost, Paradise Found

A vision Francisco received whilst working at Eden.  The two hills represent the riches that were here in the pit and the shadows and two stars, the energy found in this place. Buried in the ground the ancient warrior spirit who represents all the peoples of the world joined here together and the eyes, the millions of people who will see this place in times to come.



Francisco Montes Shunna

Spirits of the Grandfather Trees

These three trees are the ones that taught Francisco and gave him energy for teaching.

They are 'Chullachaqui Caspi, 'La Lupuna Colorada' and the 'Catahua'.






I have no information on this picture yet.  The plants in the HTB are growing quickly and some are covering the pictures.


These pictures will be available in larger format shortly.

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