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Die Another Day (2002)

Out now go and see it!

It is confirmed  that the jungle sequence and other scenes

of the next 007 film will be shot at Eden.

27/02/02  The time must be getting near as heavy winch gear is sitting waiting on the top path

of the Humid Tropics Biome. Speaking to a guard from special effects, next to the gear he said it was to

be used to for high speed abseiling  from the top of the roof of the Biome. This might be true however

security guards from film sets have been known to wind people up with or without winch gear!

Having seen a clip, abseiling it is, and it's fast top to bottom in about 3 seconds.

See below





Special effects winch gear waiting for the off, when ever that is.


Lorry loads of lighting gear waiting at the top of the car park at Eden    28/02/02 Night filming  at Eden


Steel rope reaching to the top of the Biome and terminating at a pulley, from this drop bond?


01/03/02 Strange looking barrel at the bottom end of the steel rope?  Tanks used for steam generation I believe.


01/03/02 Film gear near the waterfall - Now that's a 20KV flood light, just one of many.


01/03/02 Another flood.   This lamp and others like it are alien to Eden, watch out for it in the finished film.


01/03/02 More of those lamps. Massive floods over the top of the Biomes.  Shooting takes place at night,

but are day light scenes I was told that most takes would use doubles when filming at Eden,

and are night shoots so sorry no pics of actors, yet!


02/03/02 Close up of drum winch.  Even more gear set up and waiting the real shoot coming soon


02/03/02 You can see the cable from the winch in the centre.  More of these strange lights in place.


02/03/02 I understand that the shoot at Eden and Holywell bay will go on for a few days yet as I believe they

are waiting for the return of 007's return to the set after an injury earlier on whilst filming on water.

Press conference today Saturday at Eden! before the final take, at the Eden Project.

004/03/02 All the gear has gone from Eden, Bond returns today, however his Knee is still weak and he must take it easy.


02/03/02 Four shots of the set at Holywell bay - what a setting, many onlookers watched in the cold wind.


02/03/02 The surf board party, it seems 007 will surf to the beach and somehow get into the hideout.

MAN OF MYSTERY: The 20th James Bond film over 40 years has begun filming with a veil of secrecy thrown over the plot. So just how does


MAN OF MYSTERY: The 20th James Bond film in 40 years has begun filming

 with Pierce Brosnan as Bond and a veil of secrecy regarding the plot.

So just how does "facial mutation" fit in to the story?





Hi Keith
I have just heard from the chief Publicist of the new Bond film that shooting will definitely take place in the spring time at the Eden Project.
It seems that the domes will be doubling for the top of the Villains lair which is an Ice Palace. A set of the base is being constructed at Pinewood studios, inside filming will take place at the Project and is to be used for the climax of the film.
It sounds like great news for both of us then!    Kind regards  Mark

Filming begins January 14 2002, opening November  2002
Starring Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry (as Jinx), Rosamund Pike (as Miranda Frost), Toby Stephens (as Gustav Graves), Rick Yune, Michael Madsen. Returning are Judi Dench (as M), John Cleese (as Q), Samantha Bond (as Moneypenny), Michael Kitchen (as Bill Tanner) and Colin Salmon (as Charles Robinson). Directed by Lee Tamahori. Written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. Locations include Hawaii, Iceland, Spain, Cornwall and London.

The latest James Bond spy film is set to begin filming in Britain next week but details of the movie's plot remain shrouded in secrecy.

The film, the 20th based on the world's most famous and suave secret agent, will be released in November to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the release of the first Bond picture, Dr No

"We don't know yet what the name of the picture will be and only top people have so far received scripts and know what the plot is," said one MGM executive who asked not to be identified.




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