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29/10/07 Art exhibition and book signing by, David Waston in the Core on until the 3rd November The book is called the Red Admiral 'A voyage around Cornwall'.


29/10/07 Just two of the huge canvases on display and for sale in the core.



25/10/07 James Fergussion, signing his book, 'The Vitamin Murders' following a talk to the friends of Eden in the Foundation Building.


20/10/07 Ice Rink opens for half term among the many pumpkins and gourds.


20/10/07 Positive Potion making and story telling tent next to the Core.


20/10/07 Stories, some of a slightly scary nature and the Potions at the back of the tent. There is also an opportunity to mix your own secret selection into a magical mixture in the style of Harry Potter, but no results guaranteed!


20/10/07 All kinds of herbs can be found there.


18/10/07 A colourful display of pumpkins and gourds can be seen as you enter the Eden Street.


18/10/07 The final adjustments are made to the Ice Rink before tomorrows opening to the public.  It's all looking very Halloween with loads of loads of home grown pumpkins.


18/10/07 Simon Parfett, Specialist in Cob building and renovation demonstrating how it's done.


17/10/07 David Chapman at a friends meeting, afterwards there was a chance to buy his book 'Wild about Cornwall'  and get it signed.  Unfortunately his jumper was not for sale!


08/10/07 Masses of tasty tomatoes are still being harvested in the Med Biome.


08/10/07 Jill's vegetable garden next to Zubb Zubb cafe.


08/10/07 Hydrangea walk, some Autumn colours showing.


08/10/07 As the Ice Rink is prepared for freeze down mountains of skates arrive in readiness for opening during the schools half term later this month.


08/10/07 It's getting to that time of year when pumpkins and gourds are harvested.


08/10/07 A feast of colour in the Med Biome.


27/09/07 Autumn Blossoms at Eden. Play the 'Great Tea Race Game' under the sails.


27/09/07 The Mechanical Theatre opens its doors to the public from Monday, in glorious widescreen, a mixture of projection and some of the most advanced animated life size puppets I have ever seen.


27/09/07 The shows will run for 15 minutes and will run continuously, not to be missed.


27/09/07 Ice Rink takes shape ready for half term.


24/09/07 Julia Hailes, is the author of the international No 1 best-selling 'The New Green Consumer Guide'. Julia was the keynote speaker after dinner on the first day of the Waste Neutral Program being held at Eden.


24/09/07 Local food producers were there in connection with 'Slow food Cornwall' a very tasty dinner was enjoyed by delegates and friends of Eden who joined  for the evening.


19/09/07 Lilies bloom and the sun still shines as autumn approaches.


19/09/07 The Ice Rink starts to take shape ready for half term.  Adjustments are made and lighting are added to the futuristic looking seat.


19/09/07 Multi channel LED lighting is being installed in the hammockry, it's going to enhance the garden at night during the 'Time of Gifts' later on in the year.


14/09/07 As Autumn approaches there's already signs of Ice!

It's bulb planting time again so plant your bulbs, make a wish and you'll be given some bulbs to take home to plant a little bit of Eden in your own garden.




14/09/07 Two of the friendly Eden work force converting the Edge display exhibition to a huge Ice Rink ready for half term. Coming soon the opening of the Mechanical Theatre.


14/09/07 Under construction is a ...well I guess it's a futuristic looking seat, something that wouldn't look out of place in the Tate at St Ives.


14/09/07 Flowers in the Med Biome.  The two halves of the Edge Model being rejoined again with the help of a young visitor.


14/09/07 Eden needs your vote for the Edge! It all happens in December on ITV1 it will make the difference as to whether the new Edge Biome can be built.


14/09/07 Story telling in the mists of the rain forest, and the bio fuel plants.


03/09/07 A slower, gentler atmosphere descends on Eden as the mellow days of September arrive and the older children return to school. However, as always there is plenty to see and do so come and visit soon.


03/09/07 Hedges of hydrangeas line the pathways and there is time to sit  alfresco by the Med Kitchen and enjoy a glass of wine and freshly cooked to order food.


03/09/07 Take a walk in the Med Biome and it's still high summer.  The lush gardens by the Core are are now looking really good.


03/09/07 Story telling in the Med Biome by 'Dave'  singer, song writer, story teller and all round entertainer.     Video clip.


03/09/07 Overview from the lift bridge, a new seed shed (located near the shop) has a good supply of all types of seeds, for you to re create your own personal Eden.


21/08/07 It's Sunflower time at Eden again and now is the best time to see them.


21/08/07 Den building is a big hit and every square inch of the Arena seems busy with enthusiastic construction.


21/08/07 Everything you need to build is there, when you have built it lay back and enjoy it! Returning the bits and pieces to the store when you have done.


21/08/07 Get your Tribal Markings, they look real cool.


21/08/07 While the kids are busy building their dens, dad can have a glass of real ale.


21/08/07 Lots of unusual items on sale on the stage area, some lovely printed material that look like tapestries.


 21/08/07 Back at 'Base Camp' a caldron bubbles.


21/08/07 The weather is set fair and the sails make a shady place to sit on a hot day.


21/08/07 Two views of the Rainforest Biome, the first one showing a field of hemp and the second a field of sunflowers.


21/08/07 Hammockry is shady place to site on a hot summers day in Cornwall.


21/08/07 Dahlias a great summer flower and the duck pond is a mass of colour.


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