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See the pictures here first -  (click to enlarge framed pictures)



15/02/06 Juliet Hemming MNIMH,  who is a Herbal Medicine Practitioner from Penzance gave friends of Eden a talk on Herbal Medicine from our Hedgerows.


15/02/06 Friends of Eden tasting samples of tinctures of the main types of herbal remedies.

Info: Penzance Natural Health Centre, No5 Morrab Road, Penzance Tel:(01736) 360522


10/02/06 Pam Dawes, one of the founder leaders of the Manchester Aid to Kosovo and

Sue Hill, Eden's Artistic Director. Saranda Bogujeci, one of the survivors of the massacre that took place in 1999  gave a talk to friends of Eden on the building and planting of the

 'Peace Park'  find out more web link  www.makonline.org


07/02/06 Heathers in full bloom next to the pathways to visitor centre. There is a fair amount of landscaping and improvement work going on around the site.


07/02/06 Construction of a transparent covered walkway from the Park and Ride bus stop to the visitor centre is under way, the works are hidden from view behind a bamboo fence.


07/02/06 The bulbs are getting ready for their spring display.  Landscaping  next to the Core Building, it's going to look really good in the spring and summer.


07/02/06 Crossing the bridge, all part of your exciting visit to Eden.


07/02/06 Planting and landscaping next to and behind the Core Building.


07/02/06 It's hot work in the tropics Biome, the camera didn't like the humid atmosphere at all.


07/02/06 Sunny February at Eden, an Ice Steward testing the Ice before the first session.


03/02/06 Bunker Roy, Founder and Director of the Barefoot College in India pictured here with Eden's Sue Hill.  Tim's introduction (of Bunker) to The Friends of Eden took place in The Core Building and was followed by an amazing talk on Demystifying Technology.


01/02/06 Ian Martin gave Friends of Eden an illustrated talk about Turkey, where he ran a workshop at the International Congress on Ethnobotany.  Ian seen here with some of the pottery that he brought back with him.


26/01/06 Tony Foster holding a poster of an incredibly remote and spectacular waterfall.  Painting the wildness in water colour was the subject of a slide show and talk for friends of Eden.  Mostly large (6 foot) water colour paintings, painted on site over several days using a micro paint box seen above.  Tony Foster web link.


26/01/06 Tony Foster setting up on the edge of the Grand Canyon, the huge sheets of paper are stored in an aluminium tube.   Partially completed detailed painting of the Grand Canyon.


18/01/06 It won't be long before we see daffs blooming everywhere at Eden.


18/01/06 The Green Team have been busy tidying the plots where the temporary classrooms were sited last year.  In the WTB bougainvillea blooms away among the citrus trees.


11/01/06 Futuristic looking Core building, and a view from the glass fronted visitor lift.


11/01/06 Perfect blooms of the camellia in the WTB. Part of the array of  photovoltaic solar cells on the Core building roof as seen from the link bridge.


11/01/06 If you don't like the crowds of the summer, now is a good time to visit and have Eden almost to yourselves.


11/01/06 A fine day for Biome maintenance, even a smile for the camera from the top.


11/01/06 Linking bridge by day light. Water storage lake, to the left of the lake is the site for the next biome to be built.  It will happen and not too long in the future.


06/01/06 The blue bridge that links the Visitor Centre to the glass fronted lift that takes visitors down to the Core Building. You can get a good view of Eden at night from here.


06/01/06 Crowds watch and take part in the fire finale on Fridays and Saturday evenings. Bands and singers from 6.30pm Lantern parade around 8pm and finishing around 9pm


01/01/06 The recent showers have passed leaving a beautiful rainbow adorning this sunny New Years Day.


01/01/06 A full session on the ice rink as every one whizzes round.


01/01/06 In the Link Building there are many good viewing places to watch the Rarjesthan Musicians, which were much enjoyed by the audience. Rarjesthan Musicians have been performing for several week now at the Time of Gifts late evening openings.


01/01/06 The Barefoot Puppeteers also performed in the Link Building.


01/01/06 'Alow Ferox' in the WTB and the full Rarjesthan Band.


26/12/05 The new entrance steps are finished, but as yet not in use.


26/12/05 This giant tyre is the basis of a new exhibit.  A bright sunny Boxing day brings out the crowds to visit Eden, a good  place to walk off the turkey.


26/12/05 The Humid Tropics Biome enjoying the sun as is Adam.


26/12/05 Eden's tea plantation.  The main crop of bulbs are already thrusting their way through the soil.


26/12/05 The outer reaches of Jill's garden are looking neat and tidy. The first hints of yellow from the early daffs can be seen among the cabbage.


26/12/05 It's still Christmas but signs of spring are already on their way.


26/12/05 Not sure if I want to sit at the table next to this hungry bird.

There is also what looks like a butcher with a very big chopper!


26/12/05 Citrus pathways in The Warm Temperate Biome.


26/12/05 Under the shade of a coconut palm in the HTB the contents of a 'Shelter Box' can be seen. As well as a sizeable tent there is an amazing amount of useful items.


26/12/05 Looking through the dense green jungle of the HTB.


26/12/05 The jungle has grown at a an incredible rate, if you haven't visited recently it's time to come and take another look at the largest jungle in captivity.


26/12/05  Eden's jungle white water river.  Viewing from the top.


26/12/05 A expedition of discovery every time you enter the Eden's Humid Tropics Biome.


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