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26/12/08 Visitors looking around the Market and warning up with some hot chocolate.


26/12/08 It's a cold day out of the sun, but warmer in the link Building and Tropical in the Biome.


26/12/08 Climbing the Biome, rather him then me.


19/12/08 Christmas market at the Time of Gifts at Eden.  Video click here.


15/12/08 Blue skies and blue angels even a touch of spring at Christmas.


15/12/08 Christmas dinner from the Carvery, local produce and full of flavour.


04/12/08 Friends Christmas shopping evening started with a glass of wine form Lyn.


04/12/08 Super prizes in the Raffle. There were lots of local food and drink local business representatives to offer free samples and tasters of their produce.


04/12/08 Two of the local Cornish Cider producers, Cornish Orchards and The Cider Farm were offering samples of their best brews.


04/12/08 Wine from South Africa also from Banrock Station, handed out by Wendy


04/12/08 An energy saving non standby switch was being demonstrated and a large selection of reusable item was on sale.  Tango Energy saving group


04/12/08 Duchy Originals, very tasty organic cakes.


04/12/08 Whalesborough Farm Foods with prize winning Cheese.  Trewithen Dairy- Clotted Cream, Butter, Yogurt, Créme Fraiche and Liquid Cream.


04/12/08 The Champagne Ladies sung some Christmas songs to add to the fun of the evening.


28/11/08 Community Christmas trees line the Street as you enter Eden.  The Ice Rink was full of happy skaters zooming in a anticlockwise direction.


28/11/08 Eden's recycled Christmas tree glows in the Arena.  A festive market has been set up next to Zubb Zubb cafe.


28/11/08 The festive Market with lots of goodies for Christmas on sale.


28/11/08 Choirs sing in the Med Biome.            Stories are told in the link building.


28/11/08 After a Lantern Procession which started at 8.30pm from the Ice Rink lead by the band and paper sculptures, finally arriving in the Arena. The climax of the evening was when the fire finale, a Christmas song and fireworks.


28/11/08 Come and join in the fun every Friday and Saturday before Christmas.


27/11/08 On the evening of the 'Precious lives appeal' organised by the Round Table.


27/11/08 Carols around the Ice Rink and the lighting of the recycled Christmas tree by the Lady  Mayor.   The Tree is made mostly of supermarket shopping bags and even the tree will be recycled after Christmas.


27/11/08 The Mavericks MCC filled the Arena with their powerful machines in support of the of the Precious lives appeal.  Laurence Reed from BBC Radio Cornwall was there too.


27/11/08 In the Link Building crowds watched various entertainers on the BBC stage including Laurence Reed singing live! The Tywardreath Players performed Christmas Carol in the Core.


27/11/08 The Time of Gifts Christmas festival starts tomorrow at Eden. The fairy at the top of the tree overlooks the Arena.


27/11/08 The link building is suitably decorated with paper sculptures which I understand will be carried with a lantern procession are waiting.


27/11/08 The festive Market place, bandstand and story telling corner are in an advanced state of readiness.


17/11/08 Just a reminder that spring is not far away, as the first of the early daffs flowers. Bulb planting near the bee.


17/11/08 'Grow it, Cook it, Eat it'  in the vegetable garden.


07/11/08 The Ice Rink has a smashing new centre piece. Slurpdesign


07/11/08 Each Biome had it's own rainbow today. The pot of gold is here somewhere?


31/10/08 Night view on Halleweden with Bruce Monro's field of lights glowing most impressively on the grassy link buildings roof.

24,000 metres of fibre optic cable crowned with glass spheres, it's a must see!  

31/10/08 Witches and all things scary waiting to go onto the Ice Rink.


31/10/08 Magicians doing card tricks and spooky Biomes full of witches.


31/10/08 Fortune telling apple trees in the Med Biome.


31/10/08 In the Rainforest Biome some real bone jumping and disco thumping.


31/10/08 A good time was had by all.


31/10/08 Hands in the air for a real scare at Halleweden.


29/10/08 A packed Gallery of mostly local people, who were airing their views about the proposed  2 megga watt Eden wing turbine. Laurence Reed of BBC Radio Cornwall was chairman. 


24/10/08 It's scary pumpkin time again at Eden, and it's best to walk quickly past the menacing moggy.


24/10/08 Pumpkins by the score around Eden, with the Ice Rink is set to open tomorrow.


24/10/08 The new main entrance to the Ice Rink is just being finished and the first test skaters are on the Ice. The Rink is more round in shape this year giving more room for the spectators with a raised viewing platform at one end.


24/10/08 If your short of the odd potion or eye of frog, you should find it in the witches store.


11/10/08 Pumpkins and it's summer in October at Eden.


11/10/08 Spice up your Day and visit Dave, who has all the spice you need.


11/10/08 It won't be long before Halleweden is here, the Ice Rink will be ready for half term. Ginger on the Rainforest Biome.


11/10/08 The colours of Autumn around Eden.


08/10/08 Teresa introduces Simon Miles to friend of Eden just before a talk on 'Herbs for You' Simon is a Master Herbalist and Iridologist and is currently creating a herb garden which is to open in 2009  Web link to the Herb Garden  Watch the talk video clip  part 1

Part 2      Part 3     Part 4


30/09/08 Patrick Holden CBE, Director of the Soil Association gave a talk on 'The Future of Food and Farming' to friends of Eden in the Gallery. Tim Smit gave the vote of thanks.

Video Clip part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4


25/09/08 The stage area which was to be the spot where Oasis was to perform is now being converted into the Ice Rink ready for half term.


20/09/08 It's The Ale Festival today, Here's a some of the beers and ciders available.


20/09/08 Music and good Ales what more could you ask.


20/09/08 Some of the fine Ales and Ciders available to try.


18/09/08 Early Autumn colour at Eden.


18/09/08 Neatly laid out vegetables, the colours of harvest.


18/09/08 The stage is made ready for Oasis next Saturday, while this weekend in the sunshine is the time to come to 'The Eden Great Ale Festival'.


18/09/08 A chance to taste and sample some of the finest Ales and Ciders from around Cornwall, two days only 20th & 21st September.


02/09/08 At last, after weeks of miserable weather we enjoy some sunshine at Eden.


02/09/08 The Green Team busily dead heading amongst the flowers and some chaps who appear to "know their onions"


02/09/08 A heavy tomato crop and visitors enjoying refreshments in the Med. Biome surrounded by still growing vegetables.


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