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See the pictures here first -  (click to enlarge framed pictures)



Eden's Carolyn, introducing Cyril Aydon who is already well know to the friends of Eden, for a talk on the Restless Earth.


10/05/06 Book Launch Party, for 'Botanical Illustration Course with the Eden Project' by co-authors and illustrators Rosie Martin and Meriel Thurstan. The party was held in the Gallery for friends of Eden and special guests.


10/05/06 Words from the publisher of the book, with Tim and friends looking on.


10/05/06 Meriel, Book signing and meeting up with old friends.


10/05/06 Two of  the incredibly detailed original paintings from the book which was on sale during the evening.


10/05/06 A warm early summers day with a good number of visitors at Eden. The Arena has had it's first grass cut after the re-turfing and the wooden hand rails are being fitted.


10/05/06 There's still lots of tulips in top flowering condition. Learn how to encourage them to bloom really well, listen to the lectures on bulb growing and flower arranging.


10/05/06 Next to the Core Building the first of the school children get a chance to explore the new Spiral garden. It's not fully open yet, but it's clearly going to be a hit.


10/05/06 The first to explore the new children's Spiral garden.


10/05/06 A birds eye view of part of the children's garden, with a group on the green.


03/05/06 Tim Smit, talking to Leo Hickman before the 'In Conversation' talk in the Core where 200 friends of Eden were gathered.


03/05/06 Dave, Eden's Marking Director introduced the Speakers Richard Girling, Leo Hickman and Chairman Tim Smit.


03/05/06 Leo Hickman, of the Guardian talked on 'A Life Stripped Bare' and Richard Girling talked a load of 'Rubbish'.  Tim in his usual amusing and amazing way brought the whole proceedings down to Earth with optimistic thoughts for the future of a Greener and better world


01/05/06 Eden's entrance from the park and ride bus stop. Tulips are flowering all over the Eden.


01/05/06 Leading your eye upwards toward the viewing platform is yet another amazing display of tulips.     Don't forget food week!


01/05/06  More explosive springtime colour at Eden


01/05/06  Tree ferns, which closely resemble monkey's tails and large Ammonites behind the Core Building.


01/05/06 The creation of a new children's garden (not open to the public as yet). Pictured here is one of the many original mosaics being created by Eden's talented team. The colourful pathways are constructed from recycled car tyres.


01/05/06 There are rock seats, pathways and cosy spots to enjoy around this garden.

Eden colourful displays  Natures vibrant and dazzling colours Tulips

26/04/06 Natures vibrant and dazzling colours sum up the very essence of Eden.

Arena steps safety rails  Arena steps safety rails

26/04/06 The Arena steps safety rails being installed. The new turf is growing well now.

Daffodils are coming to the end  The tulips are putting on splendid displays

26/04/06 Some of the early Daffodils are coming to the end of flowering and are being lifted.  The tulips are putting on splendid displays all over the site.

Daffs and tulips  Pitcher plants next to the small pond by the Core Building

26/04/06 Daffs and tulips.    Pitcher plants next to the small pond by the Core Building.

new pizza ovens  Bright yellow daisy

26/04/06 The new pizza ovens and service area being installed in the Link Building.

Eden's park and ride entrance  new steps and exit

16/04/06 The approach path from the park and ride entrance. The new steps and exit from the shop, through the plant sales department which is now operational.

The plant shop is now refurbished  The first of the tulips in bloom

16/04/06 The plant shop is now refurbished and open. The first of the tulips in bloom.

Grape Hyacinth  Tulips below the viewing platform

16/04/06 Grape Hyacinth and Tulips below the viewing platform.

Pre-Easter visitors  million blooms

13/04/06 Pre-Easter visitors marvel at a million blooms.

The new enlarged Arena  Sitting in the Daffodils

13/04/06 The new enlarged Arena is already sprouting a healthy new growth from the recent turfing.          Sitting in the Daffodils.


  13/04/06 All the fun of the fair and it's all free, collect rubber eggs and off you go.


13/04/06 White coated staff supply the rubber eggs and will even, if asked nicely, give hints on the whereabouts of the eggs hidden around Eden. Good hunting.


13/04/06 A winning pitch gets measured and the closest to the bulls eye on the day wins an Easter Egg.  Jill's garden, neatly planted with lettuce and onions, is surrounded by yet more dazzling daffodils.


 13/04/06 Avenues of blue.                                 Tulips by the Core.             


08/04/06 Zip wire rider just arriving at the roof landing point.  The turfing and reshaping of the Arena is finished and does it look inviting, just the steps and rails to finish.


08/04/06 Overall view of the Arena.        Daffodil drift of cascading yellow gold.


080406 The moment of the launch on to the Zip wire. Safety checks before the off.


06/04/06 The roof plantings are beginning to bloom. The people on the roof are looking after the zip wire arrivals, how about Zipping right across Eden?


06/04/06 The Zip wire launching platform high up the cliff, you can just see the wires in the second picture stretching out over the bulb fields.


06/04/06 Brilliant blue skies and fantastic blooms delighted the visitors at Bulb Mania.


 06/04/06 Classic Daffodil and Biome photo.                        Tulipa 'Czaar Pete'                   


06/04/06 Two special large pictures of the Bulb Mania display area. (click to enlarge)


06/04/06 Construction has started of the covered walkway from the park and ride drop off point to the Visitor Centre, the roof will be constructed of the same material as the Biomes.


06/04/06 The Arena is looking more like it's old self as more turf is laid in place.


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