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Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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28/10/10 Four servicemen - three British, one American - abseiled down from the platform above the Citrus Grove. Three brought huge poppies ..... and the last one brought a box of Cadbury's Milk Tray !!!  "all because the lady loves ..... "   and presented the box to Lady Mary Holborow, Cornwall's First Lieutenant, which brought a moment of lightness to the solemn occasion.


28/10/10 Representatives of the services, local dignitaries - and Tim Smit, on behalf of the Eden Project placed small wooden crosses in the Garden of Remembrance at the launch of the poppy appeal 2010 in the South West.     Thank you to  Carol for the pictures.


28/10/10 Pumpkin carving buy an expert, and don't forget to get your magic wand.


23/10/10 First day of the local half term so it's also Halleweden and Skating.


23/10/10 Wish Craft has stories, Potions, wish making, and pumpkin carving and many other attractions.


23/10/10 The Wish Cocktail, you need to chose carefully, there's  guppy blood,  something from a frog! and the Brown bubbling mixture I can remember, all goes down sprinkled with fairy dust.


23/10/10 Potion mixing and Pumpkin carving.


23/10/10 Meet the Owls, stroke them too in the Med Biome.


23/10/10 Owls and Harvest


23/10/10 The Skating Rink is in full swing all the half term week and the theme this year is the Cornish Alps and the china clay industry.


23/10/10 It all looks exciting, and it is, love the recycled mirror ball come and see?


21/10/10  Dave Saunders and Marcus Harrison -  Marcus runs his own Wild Food Forage School and the website is  Thank you to Carol for the photos.


20/10/10 Autumn arrives at Eden, trees turn red and golden, the Ice Rink is made ready for opening on Saturday.


20/10/10 Much preparation is needed for everything to be in place.  It looks like a Cornish Alps theme around the ice rink this year, came and see on Saturday.


20/10/10 Halloween, must have pumpkins of all sorts.


20/10/10 The story of apples, verities, taste and where they grow. It's a juicy demonstration!


20/10/10 Cornflower 'Rudbeckia Saffron' and Proteaceae 'Protea lacticolor' in the Med Biome


20/10/10 Dave in full story telling mode in the Citrus Grove - Med Biome


20/10/10 Not everyone is rushing around at Eden, some wood just take their time.


20/10/10 Guess it's that time of year again, when you get in that gift buying mood, don't over look the Eden shop lots of unusual items there.


20/10/10 Eden Green Team getting to the root of the problem.


10/10/10 The Eden Marathon & Half Marathon 2010


10/10/10 Some of my action pictures, Mike and Nicholas.


10/10/10 Alexandra


10/10/10 Peter, Kevin, Jane & Bethan


10/10/10 Angie here with determination and achievement.








10/10/10 Prizes for the winners in each section.


10/10/10 Pasties and a beer for all the runners.


10/10/10 It was a grand day, may be a bit on the warm side, ho well better start training for next year.  Full video of all the runners in the Half Marathon - Prideaux Road

Part two As the Half Marathon pass through the Luxulyan Valley

Part three - Luxulyan Valley


05/10/10 'A Taste of the Rainforest' event in the Rainforest Biome.


05/10/10 An invited gathering of Founder, Lifelong, and other enthusiastic supporters of The Eden Project. A chance to meet the management and friends in the Rainforest at night.


05/10/10 Guided tours of the Malaysian garden and to the top of the lookout were laid on together with some of the most exotic food tasters.


05/10/10 Cocktails and cooking demonstrations.


05/10/10 Malaysian curry soup went down very well. Walking around the Rainforest in virtual darkness can be a bit scary.


05/10/10 Quickly into the Malaysian shack for a star fruit cocktail and learn how prepare it as well.


05/10/10 A few works from Dan and Tim to remind us how important the Rainforest is to the world and everyone on it.


05/10/10 To the top of the World at night, what an amazing sight from the Rainforest Lookout.


05/10/10 It was a great evening many thanks to Eden, especially to Helen Webster who organised the event and every one who helped.


02/10/10 The Rotary International together with Eden and 250 young people from local schools, youth groups and clubs plant 10,000 purple crocus bulbs.


02/10/10 Five million bulbs are hoped to be planted around the County in this single project.  The purple flowers represent the colour applied to children’s fingers when they are immunised against polio.


26/09/10 'B Sharp' Drumming up trade for the concert in the Dome Tent called 'Dead or Alive'


26/09/10 Lyme Youth Arts Music Project working with Young People for Young People. WEB


25/09/10 Miramar Dance, Rainforest Biome, explore the beauty and fragility of the environment through dance.


25/09/10 Peaceful yet surreal, moving and heart warming are just some of the emotions I felt observing the dances with the other visitors.


25/09/10 Dave and Lisa been at the apple juice again.  Poetry Cafe, all part of Xpress 10


25/09/10 Dance in the Dome Tent, Duo des Fleurs  and Charies Academy of Dance.


25/09/10 Charies Academy & TR14ers,  a stunning performance by all. WEB


23/09/10 Mike, Steve and Carol, all part of the Eden Friends Team, sadly it will be Mike's last day at Eden on Sunday, but I'm sure he will be back again soon.


23/09/10 The Eden conduction Team have been busy with the Dome tent ready for this weekend's  Festival of Extreme Sports and Expressive Arts and the Ice Rink built and already freezing down.


23/09/10 Apple Pressing with Dominique and Dave everyday at tooth hurty free tasting of the juice after the pressing.


23/09/10 In the Med Biome, Cornflower 'Rudbeckia Saffron'


22/09/10 In the Med Biome the Grape harvest is ready.


22/09/10 Jill getting the harvest display ready. Story telling in the Med Biome.


11/09/10 Gloria Hunniford on the balcony of Eden in shafts of evening sunshine at a Charity event in the Gallery for The Precious Lives Appeal and The Caron Keating Foundation.


11/09/10 The Evening was hosted by Martin Bailie of BBC Radio Cornwall and watched over by

Mr Fowley, who was looking very smart for the occasion,  Mr Fowley's web site


11/09/10 Martin and Gloria introducing 'The Trelawny Singers'  with their amazing harmonies that filled the Gallery and thrilled the audience.


11/09/10 The Cornwall Boys Choir 'Little Angels' Sung their heart out.


11/09/10 The Pianist, Angus Webster was outstanding, being interviewed here by Gloria.  The finale, The Trelawny Singers and The Cornish Boys Choir, sung together.   

11/09/10 This beautiful Plate made by one of the Trelawny Singers, Geoff James, was presented to Gloria at the end of the evening.


11/09/10 It was a very moving event and Gloria and Martin were happy to pose for photos.


07/09/10 As we head into Autumn Eden still has a summery feel.


07/09/10 Expertly cooked food from the Med Cafe.


07/09/10 Diane 'Crying the Neck' with stories and legions of Corn dollies.



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